We described colors and stamp options to select to the best we can. Hard to truly capture the swirls in these discs!

The Core Team Series is back! Paul Ulibarri has put together a winning combo with his go-to putter, the PA-3, produced in our tacky yet stiff and durable 350G Plastic. To make these discs even more special, we’ve applied our Spectrum Line color processing to create beautiful and unique patterns and color combinations. Support Paul Ulibarri’s touring efforts directly by picking up one of these laser-straight flying PA-3’s.The 350G is a more firm blend for those who like a slightly stiffer plastic. The 350G plastic is the product of 16 months of research and development. Its unique tacky feel and increased stiffness puts it ahead of all base-line resin available on the market today. It was developed in a collaborative effort by World Champions, Major Champions and National Tour Champions looking for discs that will break in perfectly over time. The 350 G stays grippy even in wet conditions.

Prodigy Spectrum Core Team 350G Pa3 - Paul Ulibarri

  • All items are new/unthrown unless stated otherwise. Some items may feature light storage wear or minor factory blemishes. Please be aware that the these minor blemishes may not be disclosed on every disc.

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