The Z Buzzz SS is a perfect disc for those players playing in the woods or that are looking for a less stable Buzzz. It is glidey and straight and when powered up this is the perfect disc for hyzer flips. The 2x Michigan State Champion is known for his excellent play in the woods and this Buzzz SS is the perfect disc to compliment his game.


The 2020 Tour Series discs come in a beautiful swirly blend of Z plastic that has a truly gorgeous look. It is a stiff blend of plastic making it perfect for warm days and to keep the stability of the disc the same for a long time. The plastic is fantastic feeling and so far the word is that it is slightly more overstable than standard Z blend of plastic. Grab a Tim Barham Buzzz SS today!!


This is what Tim Barham says about this run: “With its easy glide and neutral stability, I think the Buzzz SS is the straightest flying mid range on the market. The comfort and control of the buzzz with some extra glide.  The Buzzz SS flies straight as an arrow.”


Flight Numbers – Speed: 5, Glide: 4, Turn: -2, Fade: 1

Tim Barham Tour Series Z Buzz SS

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