Double G Craft Jerky - 1oz

Starting with the highest quality meats, and placing emphasis on the most savory seasonings and nutritionally-focused ingredients, Double G produces the best tasting and highest quality jerky on the market.

Beef jerky was a household staple in DoubleG’s family and he became fascinated with creating his own flavors as a teenager. He continued his interest in jerky preparation throughout professional years and has now launched his own brand of jerky – DoubleG Craft Jerky. 

Original-Where it all started. Tasty and filling and packed with nutrients and Protein to help you get through any day or event you have.

Garlic Lover's Dream-The first time we tried this, we just fell in love. We believe you will too! What a delightful tasting craft jerky with the after-tone of … garlic. This will be sure to offer something to every (vampire) disc slayer out there! Packed with flavor and protein, this is a winning combination you are bound to enjoy!

Hot Boom Sauce-Just as the name implies- Hot Boom! – This awesome tasting Jerky will give your mouth the kick it needs. Not too hot, but definitely not for the weak taste buds. This Boom will also give you the energy you need to complete the task at hand!

Smashed Cracked Pepper-This is a great Jerky that will give you a little peppery “kick” in the end. So tender and smooth! Packed with protein and ready for you when you need it.

Teriyaki-This Teriyaki Beef Jerky flavor will have you wondering why you have not ordered this before. A great Teriyaki finish to the most tender and tasty Jerky ever!

McBeast BBQ-The BEST Barbeque Craft Jerky there is.  Grab a few packs and be ready for the day’s adventure. Proceeds go to The McBeth Foundation.

Ken Climo Mango Habanero- Introducing the fiery fusion of flavor you’ve been waiting for: Ken Climo’s Mango Habanero Jerky from Double G Craft Jerky! Crafted with passion and precision, this delectable jerky is the perfect marriage of sweet and spicy, designed to tantalize your taste buds with every bite.

Gannon Buhr's C2 Citrus Peppered TerriyakiLooking for beef jerky that incorporates a taste of citrus and oriental goodness? Get a hold of Gannon’s personal favorite, citrus peppered teriyaki flavored brisket jerky and taste why it’s one customers keep coming back to.

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