Innova Halo Star Hawkeye - Hailey King USWDGC Champion

If you seek predictability and accuracy in a fairway driver, look for the Innova Hawkeye. "This is a disc for staying on the fairway," says Innova disc designer and co-founder Dave Dunipace. At faster speeds it flies straight with glide that carries exceptionally far. For players with less power, it has a consistent, mellow fade. All of this adds up to accuracy... the hallmark
of the Hawkeye.

A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Hailey and her touring efforts. These discs were produced to award Hailey for winning the USWDGC

Halo discs feature a vibrant, pearly colored edge that blends into a brighter center and are molded in Innova's premium Star plastic. Grab the extra glide and superior looks with the Halo Star material!

**Discs may vary slightly from picture. Bottom stamp colors may vary**
    • Speed: 7.0
    • Glide: 5.0
    • Turn: -1.0
    • Fade: 1.0

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