Innova INNfuse Star Destroyer - 15th Anniversary

INNfuse Star Destroyer – The Destroyer is one of the most loved discs in the game and it has been since the mold came out 15 years ago! This run commemorates the anniversary of the Destroyer’s release. The INNfuse from Innova is a super sweet color design that pops off the Star plastic. You definitely want to grab an Innova INNfuse 15th Anniversary Star Destroyer.

The Destroyer is the #1 selling Innova Disc. This was the first Speed 12 driver and is one of the primary discs used by many professional disc golfers. For less experienced players, the Destroyer excels for forehand throws. The Destroyer is overstable, but has a degree of turn to help provide incredible glide and distance. Intermediate players will get more distance on forehand throws with the Destroyer than just about any other disc. The Innova Destroyer is a very thin (1.4cm) disc, and has the perfect sized rim (2.2cm) for high speeds, without being uncomfortably thick.

Star plastic is the most premium of Innova's plastic blends. Star plastic provides maximum grip and durability. Star plastic is also highly visible.
  • Speed: 12.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -1.0
  • Fade: 3.0

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