Millennium offers a complete line of premium golf discs and bags designed to give you everything you need out on the course without over-complicating things. From beginners learning to dial in and throw for distance, to elite professionals elevating their performance, Millennium has been focused on helping golfers take control of their game for decades. We offer our simple, but complete line of golf discs in three primary grades of plastic: Millennium Standard, Quantum, and Sirius. 
Millennium Quantum Aurora MS $17.99 USD $18.99 USD
Millennium Scorpius Out of Stock
Millennium Delta-T Omega $11.99 USD $12.99 USD
Millennium Sirius Aurora MS $18.99 USD $20.99 USD
Millennium Sirius Orion LF $18.99 USD $20.99 USD
Millennium Standard Orion LS $14.99 USD $15.99 USD
Millennium Quantum Orion LF $17.99 USD $18.99 USD
Millennium Quantum JLS $17.99 USD $18.99 USD