Subscription Policy

Subscription Types

Subscriptions may be set up in a few different ways. Renewal options may be monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. These will renew on the frequency listed on the subscription type that you choose. We cannot guarantee a color of a said item. We will do our best to accommodate requests but some items will not have all colors or foils to choose from. 


Shipping is free to US based customers. Shipping will be charged to International customers each month. These shipping prices are subject to change with notice. 


Subscriptions may be paused or cancelled with 7 days notice before the next billing period(3rd of each month for monthly). If a cancellation request is made on a pre-paid plan, then a 5% cancellation fee will occur to account for your discounts received. Please submit your request to 

Cancellations may not be processed if they are not received in a timely manner before the billing date. If a monthly box is shipped, we will not process a cancellation. 


Returns will generally not be accepted. We will announce the contents of each month well in advance. We will consider these on a case by case basis.