Westside VIP-X Sword - Erika Stinchcomb Team Series 2022

The Westside Sword is a speed 12 stable/overstable distance driver with lots of glide and accuracy. The Sword reacts well to different release angles and holds the angle during the whole flight. This makes the Sword great for straight shots, long hyzers and long anhyzers. Westside Sword is also suitable for sidearm throws. 

This VIP-X Plastic on this Erika Stinchomb Team Series model is xtra durable and feels great in your hand. It also gives the disc more stability when compared to the stock Sword runs. If you are a fan of the Sword but want something that will hold up better to a head wind or have a stronger finish look no further than this Erika Stinchomb Team Series.

  • Speed: 12.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -0.5
  • Fade: 2.0

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