Doomsday Discs Ration Dystopia

Doomsday Discs is sorry to inform you that the end is near. But in the meantime, they proudly present the Dystopia, a distance driver for the common man. This driver will fly true for players at all levels without too much turn or fade. If you survive the coming apocalypse, you'll be happy that you have a stockpile of Dystopia drivers to throw across the ruinous landscapes of the future. 

Ration plastic from Doomsday Discs is a base-line blend in their Prepper Line of discs. It is similar to other affordable base plastics on the market, like DX or Retro. It is a great choice for putters or for players who want their mids and drivers in a softer blend for different flight characteristics than premium blends. 
  • Speed: 10.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -2.0
  • Fade: 2.0

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