Flight Factory Heat Transfers

If you are not a team member, please do not order any team transfers. We will refund if you do. Sizes below are in inches.

Our transfers are created using screen-printed, plastisol ink. These are not vinyl transfers. Perfect for 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, and Cotton-Poly Blends.

These MUST be applied with a Heat Press. An iron will not work on these. 

Application Instructions:

Athletic Formula

Temperature: 325 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Time:   7 Seconds 
Pressure: High Pressure (8-9 Manual, 60PSI Automatic) 
Peel: Hot Peel

1) No Teflon Sheets, Covers or Pillows. Ever.

Never use teflon sheets, covers or pillows with any of our plastisol formulas. They dissipate the heat too much, resulting in a poorly applied transfer.

2) Calibrate Your Heat Press.

You will need to use a quality Infrared (IR) Temperature Gun (Contactless) to ensure your heat press is heating evenly and accurately. You should do this each and every time you start a new pressing cycle.

3) Pressure, Pressure, Pressure.

Plastisol transfers will give you a quality and long-lasting decoration solution, but you HAVE to ensure you are using adequate and even pressure. This will ensure the formula properly adheres to your garment. Not using enough pressure can result in poorly applied plastisol transfers.

4) Water resistant, waterproof, and fireproof garments:

We recommend testing a sample on your item before production. Water resistant, waterproof and fireproof garments may not accept a heat transfer application.

Washing & Care Instructions

Caring for your heat transfer decorated garment is super simple and, if applied and cared for properly, will last the life of the garment. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after pressing a garment to perform a wash / dry cycle.

1) Inside Out Is Best

Washing the garment inside out is the best way to prevent premature wear and tear.

2) Have Zippers Or Buttons On Your Garment?

If you have zippers or buttons on the garment you decorated, it is best to wash it right-side out. This is to prevent the buttons/zippers from destroying your garment which would normally be washed inside out.

3) Follow The Care Instructions On Your Garment

The company that made the shirt knows the best temperature settings for washing and drying your garment.