Innova Halo Star Tern - Juliana Korver Tour Series (2023)

Not only is the 2023 Juliana Korver Tour Series Halo Star Tern an absolute crusher of a disc, but these things are also GORGEOUS! 5x PDGA FPO World Champion Juliana Korver inspired the cool Octopus design and matched it with these bright-colored, contrasting Halo colors. These are some of the sweetest-looking discs of the year. Get some extra distance off the tee and some sweet color in the bag with the 2023 Juliana Korver Tour Series Halo Star Tern!

The Tern is an understable high speed driver. Being understable, this is a comfortable disc that provides max distance for intermediate players. While the Tern’s rim is very wide (2.3 cm) it isn’t at max width like the Dominator, Vulcan, or Katana. 

Halo Star is a decorative blend of Star plastic featuring a colorful halo design where the rim is a distinctly different color than the center plate of the disc.
  • Speed: 12.0
  • Glide: 6.0
  • Turn: -3.0
  • Fade: 2.0

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