Innova Halo Star Wombat3 - Sling3lade

The original SlingBlade design with two blades was cool, but the newly renovated Sling3lade with three blades is even cooler – we’re talking cool infused with bacon and fire breathing monster trucks – kind of cool. Not only that, but artist Marm O. Set, who calls this “My favorite of the VTX series,” was inspired by Boba Fett’s helmet for this ultra clean design. Can’t go wrong there.

The Innova Star Wombat3 mid-range feels great in the hand and is easy to throw. The VTech rim and lower profile adds extra torque resistance, great for sidearm throws. Straight shots still go straight while turnovers stay turned with a gentle landing.

Halo Star is a decorative blend of Star plastic featuring a colorful halo design where the rim is a distinctly different color than the center plate of the disc.
  • Speed: 5.0
  • Glide: 6.0
  • Turn: -1.0
  • Fade: 0.0

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