Lone Star Disc Alpha Armadillo - Natural Tribute

Lone Star is proud to officially announce their collaboration with Natural Tribute!
Natural Tribute has consistently partnered with non-profits dedicated to the preservation of and education about nature. In an effort to foster the appreciation and love of nature among disc golfers, Lone Star Disc will be releasing Natural Tribute Artist Series Discs to raise money, provide awareness, and give back to a cause close to their hearts.
A portion of each sale will be donated to Natural Tribute for distribution among their network of non-profit partners.                                                                                                  

The Armadillo is a low speed and low glide disc. This disc is meant to be accurate and offer great control It has a thumbtack on the disc for comfort. It is an easy disc to control and will fly consistently to provide good accuracy.

Alpha plastic is a premium, high-quality blend. It is designed to be a little firmer than Bravo plastic and could be compared to Discraft's ESP. 

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 1.0
  • Glide: 2.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 1.0

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