Prodigy Pre-Owned Distance Drivers

This product includes discs that are 9 speed and above and generally classified as Distance Drivers.

**NO Returns. These are pre-owned and buyer accepts risk that they are buying a disc based on it being used. Condition ratings may be somewhat subjective".**

These are pre-owned or discs that may have storage wear. These may have been bought second hand, traded in, or old throwers from our employees.

Condition is rated using the scale below. The disc may vary slightly from condition listing. Half point ratings may fall between 2 rating categories. 

  • 10 - Disc is brand new. Does not appear to have any storage wear
  • 9 - Disc may be new or lightly thrown and features some slight wear
  • 8 - Disc appears thrown but is in good condition. Light signs of use or other imperfections.
  • 7 - Most common rating. Disc has been thrown and has standard wear, including scuffs, minor rash, or stamp wear. 
  • 6 - Disc is a little more worn than usual. May feature more rash on rim, slight warping, or be scuffed a lot.
  • 5 - Disc is starting to show significant wear. May feature some bigger rash or gashes on rim. 
  • 4- Disc is in rough shape. Common rating with baseline discs that have a lot of rim wear. 
  • 3 or less - Disc is probably baseline and in rough shape. Disc will be very beat in, but could be good for a newer player or good for a backup for water holes. 

Ink Rating is listed below

  • No Ink - Disc has no significant ink. Dyes may not be considered "ink" at times
  • Light Ink - Rim Ink, Initials, or light ink on the back or front
  • Moderate ink - Name/Number on front of back flight plate
  • Heavy Ink - Significant writing on front, back, or rim. Excessive size writing or heavy markings. 

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