2022 Disc Sales by Manufacturer - Q1 and Q2

We all have our favorite discs. Many of us have a favorite brand. How does your favorite stack up to the others?

2021 and 2022 has seen numerous new Disc Golf "manufacturers" enter the competitive realm of producing discs. The quotations around manufacturers is an important point to address first.

Numerous brands and companies that have a mold do not actually manufacturer their own discs. Companies like DGA, Infinite, Thought Space, Millennium, and many more do not make their own discs. Essentially, they work with another(usually larger) company to mold their discs. This was occasionally done pre-covid, but now the space is expanding even more as companies that bought new machinery look to fill their production capacities as much as possible.

Let's dive in to our 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter sales by Manufacturer. 

In headlining news, Innova was our best seller in Q1 and Q2. Kidding...this should be no surprise to anyone here. With partnerships with Calvin Heimburg and significantly more Halo and Tour Series releases, the first half of 2022 has seen our Innova sales and stock grow 20x what it was in early 2021. Inventory is now in a great place with Innova and we see the strength continuing. We have found that newer players traditionally know Innova, establishing a preference early in the sport. 

Next up, lets talk Discraft. Discraft narrowly edged out MVP for the 2nd spot. I'm sure you are asking yourself why Discraft was so much lower than Innova. Well, we have that answer for you. Unfortunately, Discraft is the only company where we are still limited on inventory. From January - June, we usually only receive 120-160 discs per month. We need much more than that to keep up with demand. Limited Tour Series, Paul McBeth, Paige Pierce, and other popular molds do not often make it into our shipments. When they do, we usually only get 5-20 total which frequently sell out same day. 

We did benefit this year from Ledgestone releases, Event Fundraisers, and a limited Tour Swirl Challenger OS run(go buy some here), but, we can only imagine how much that gap would have closed if we were able to get more product to keep up with our online and in store demand for Discraft.

MVP brands sit in the 3rd spot. MVP, Axiom, and Streamline have one of the biggest selections and variety of molds across numerous plastic types. As they have caught up with demand, we see monthly releases that allow vendors to get as many of their SE discs as needed. We sometimes have to wait, but it is nice to get hundreds to thousands of discs per month consistently depending on needs. Leaders like the Hex, Paradox, Uplink, Crave, and Wave have been great sellers for beginners and experienced players alike. 

Companies like Prodigy and Discmania have big days during special and new releases, but the overall consumer is generally looking at other brands when shopping casually. They carry some great discs and great plastics, so check these companies out if you have not. 

Lastly, lets end on our biggest surprise of the year. Yes, its the major company we have yet to mention....Dynamic Discs. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to the Trilogy of companies as Dynamic Discs, as they distribute all US wholesale items for DD, Lat 64, and Westside. Dynamic Discs has been pumping out the plastic this year....just check out the Ricky Wysocki Lucid Raider, Lucid-X Raider, and Lucid Chameleon Raider for example.

With big signings of Ricky Wysocki, Kona Panis, Matt Orum, Valerie Mandujano, and more, we had high hopes for Dynamic Discs this year. The best sellers have been anything Kristin Tattar, Sockibomb Slammers, and Orbit Diamonds. Some disappointments have been Orbit Felons, Sockibomb Raiders, and even the Orbit Escapes. The plastic these companies are producing is superb, but, we may be seeing supply outpace demand on some molds. Or, DD's model may have great success with direct-to-consumer sales, leading more people shopping at retailers. Time will tell!

We hope you enjoy this look into our brands and how they have sold over 2022. We have a lot of data that we monitor, so if you like this let us know and we will keep this coming. For now, I am going to add Blog Writer to my resume. 

We appreciate everyone who has supported us in 2022. 

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Gunter Hartmann

Gunter Hartmann

October 02, 2022

Thank you for the insightful summary! Loved the data, commentary and insight on DD direct sales. Please continue this analysis in to Q3 & Q4.

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